Early detection saves lives.

Dilon Technologies® Inc. Acquires the CoPilot VL® Video Laryngoscope

Dilon Technologies® Inc. acquires the CoPilot VL® video laryngoscope, an advanced and award-winning airway management device developed to help providers have the best view of the airway when placing breathing tubes. The deal will expand Dilon’s footprint into the anesthesia and airway space.

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Dilon Announces Three New MBI Centers

Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) is saving lives. Using MBI as an adjunct to mammography results in an almost fourfold increase in invasive cancer detection in women with dense breast tissue. MBI has a higher specificity than MRI and has proven to reduce benign biopsies by 50%. With a negative predictive value of 98% MBI is the beacon in dense breast tissue.

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Dilon Diagnostics and GE Healthcare Announcement

DILON Diagnostics and GE Healthcare are pleased to announce the FDA clearance of the dual head MBI localization accessory for breast biopsy. The Discovery NM750b and the breast biopsy accessory will be presented at the RSNA conference in Chicago, from November 27 to December 1.

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