Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2019 #Moments

By Nov 14, 2019 News

2019 was our busiest Breast Cancer Awareness Month ever! We supported races, attended galas and many other events all over the country in support of better breast cancer care for women and will continue to do so every day of the year!

Spreading the word: Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium

Kassandra Keller and Barbara Callahan had the opportunity to exhibit MarginProbe at the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium on October 3-6. The event also featured presentations from leading breast cancer surgeons. Some of their favorites included Dr. VanZee’s presentation on the management of DCIS and Dr. Shin’s presentation on the inherent challenges in differentiating between low-grade DCIS and ADH.

Supporting the cause: Georgia 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer

Continuing our support of Margie Singleton and dense breast legislation, Dune CEO Lori Chmura joined Margie’s Army at this year’s Georgia 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer. Margie was even able to share her story and her advocacy of dense breast legislation during the dinner celebration on the first night of the event. 

“Sometimes we need to take the government out and let the people make things happen,” mentioned Representative Sharon Cooper while speaking at the dinner.

Run with it: Mercy Cedar Rapids 29th Annual “Especially for You Race Against Breast Cancer”

Mercy Cedar Rapids hosted their 29th annual Especially for You Race Against Breast Cancer this year on October 6 and Fiona Boyd was able to attend in support of Dr. Vincent Reid. MarginProbe was also a part of their post-race Health Fair. This year’s race saw over 14,400 runners

While demonstrating MarginProbe for participants, we heard some memorable comments like:

“I had to go back for a second surgery because they didn’t get it all. I wish they had MarginProbe when I had my lumpectomy.”

“It’s such a downer for morale when you get home thinking they got all the cancer and then you get that dreaded call in a few days because the pathology report came back and it turns out that you have to go back for another surgery within a month. MarginProbe can help change this.”

Learning: NYU Breast Cancer 101 Update

The NYU Breast Cancer 101 Update event gave Linda Snyder the chance to visit and catch up with Dr. Axelrod and Dr. Schnabel at NYU Langone Health. This event also provided a forum for industry professionals to discuss major trends and issues in breast cancer treatment, including the new national guidelines for breast cancer.

Supporting women in business: Dudak presentation in Boca

Tom Melba and Lisa Cadena came out to support Dr. Marla Dudak for her presentation at the Boca Chamber’s Successful Women in Business Luncheon on October 17. Dune was also cheering on Dr. Dudak and her family as they participated in the 8th Annual Every Boob Counts 5K Run/Walk with 3 first-place finishes and 1 second-place!

Celebrate: PA Breast Cancer Coalition Conference Pink Party

Barbara Callahan joined the Pink Party hosted by PA Breast Cancer Coalition, “working to find a cure now….so their daughters won’t have to.” The opening session was presented by Dr. Gabriel Hortobagyi, a renowned expert in the field of breast cancer and new treatment strategies for the disease.

New perspective: 360 Degree View of Breast Cancer

The Virginia Hospital Center hosted the 360 Degree View of Breast Cancer: Prevention to Survivorship event on October 19 and Lisa Dean was there to support Dr. Claire Edwards, who joined the expert panel of physicians at the event.

AdvaMed Value Assessment Workshop

A few of the Dune team members wrapped up Breast Cancer Awareness Month by gaining insights into assessing a technology’s value using the AdvaMed Value Framework at their interactive Value Assessment Workshop!

While Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2019 is over, at Dune we’re advocating to improve breast cancer care for women all year! Keep up with the latest updates from Dilon by following us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn! If you would like to know more about Dilon and MarginProbe, contact us today.