Johns Hopkins Breast Center adds MarginProbe® to Breast Care Program

By Jul 31, 2019 News

ALPHARETTA, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Johns Hopkins Breast Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital, the #3 hospital in the U.S. News & World Report’s 2018–19 Best Hospitals list, announced that it will be adding MarginProbe® as a regular part of its program after its participation in Dilon’s MarginProbe® Post Approval Study (PAS). The center was able to validate previous results through the study that demonstrated MarginProbe’s efficacy in reducing re-excision rates during breast cancer surgery.

“I know from experience that one of the most difficult conversations with a patient after breast conserving surgery is the one that tells them ‘we didn’t get it all,’” stated Dr. Mehran Habibi, Medical Director of the Johns Hopkins Breast Center and Lead Principal Investigator (PI) for the study. “While we recognize that 10-50% of patients must return to the operating room to ensure clean margins, this is a hard thing to explain to a patient. These are women who have plans for their life after cancer. A second surgery at best means this life is put further on-hold, so if utilizing MarginProbe as a tool for margin assessment during lumpectomy surgery can assist in reducing re-excision rates, then it’s an avenue we definitely want to pursue.”

The Johns Hopkins Breast Center is part of the John Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, a world leader in deciphering the mechanisms of cancer and developing new ways to treat it. The organization became one of the first to earn recognition as a “Center of Excellence” by the National Cancer Institute, and the innovations that take place within the center often become the standards of care for the industry.

The Johns Hopkins Breast Center seeks to unify the traditionally fragmented systems of care and places all resources and specialists within a single location for a highly coordinated experience to provide the best possible care at an affordable cost. This approach achieves the primary goals of the Triple Aim of healthcare: to lower the per-capita cost of care, improve the health of populations and create a better patient experience. It’s also why Johns Hopkins Breast Center added MarginProbe to its standard of care. MarginProbe reduces re-excision rates to improve the health of individuals and populations as a whole. The reduction in re-excisions helps to improve the cost of care, while avoiding additional surgeries removes a great burden from patients to dramatically improve their experience with treatment.

“We are honored that Johns Hopkins Breast Center is using MarginProbe for lumpectomy surgery,” explained Lori Chmura, CEO of Dilon, the company behind MarginProbe. “Patients are often faced with delays in radiation and sometimes chemotherapy which can further disrupt survivorship, as suggested by some recent studies. By enabling real time margin assessment in the operating room, we’re allowing surgeons to raise their confidence level that they are achieving clean margins the first time. To date, we’ve had multiple studies with more than 2,700 patients demonstrate that MarginProbe reduces re-excisions by 50 percent or more.”

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Dilon Devices offers surgeons the ability to identify clean margins in the operation room. Our primary technology is developed on a first-of-its-kind RF Spectroscopy platform that can differentiate cancerous from healthy tissue based on electromagnetic properties. This approach can help achieve all three goals of Triple Aim by reducing the need for costly and unnecessary surgeries while improving health outcomes that reduce the emotional burden on both patients and families. For more information, contact


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