MarginProbe® clinical data debuts in the UK at ORBS by Design 2018

By Oct 18, 2018 July 23rd, 2019 Clinical Data, News

Dr. Jeffrey Falk, board certified Surgical Oncologist at St Johns Hospital in Detroit, recently shared his outstanding results reducing positive margin rates using MarginProbe in lumpectomy at ORBS by Design 2018 in Nottingham, England. Dr. Falk’s presentation, Intraoperative Margin Assessment with MarginProbe Radiofrequency Spectroscopy, explored the challenges that still exist today with re-excision rates in breast conserving surgeries, and strategies that can be implemented to overcome them, providing better outcomes for both surgeon and patient. He identified MarginProbe as an instrumental tool and shared clinical results illustrating its significant impact on re-excision rates.

Dr. Falk’s presentation reported on a systematic literature review of thirteen studies examining positive margin and reoperation rates for Oncoplastic Breast-Conserving Surgery (OBCS) compared to a control group. The review found that “wider resections resulting from oncoplastic procedures does not obviate positive tumor margins” and that OBCS “can result in displacement of the mammary tissue and hamper subsequent re-excision of the tumor bed necessitating conversion to mastectomy to ensure oncological safety and adequate tumor excision.”

Dr. Falk then presented the cumulative data on positive margins and re-excision rates in lumpectomy with and without the use of MarginProbe.  Overall results show re-excision rates reduced up to 79 percent with the use of MarginProbe from 10 peer-reviewed publications and 35 abstracts that reported on more than 2,400 patients, including published data from his own institution on 240 patients.

You can view Dr. Falk’s ORBS full presentation here.

Nottingham is one of nine centers in the UK that is participating in an NHS sponsored trial evaluating the MarginProbe device in high-risk DCIS patients. Lori Chmura, Dilon CEO, accompanied Dr. Falk to this meeting with the primary investigators at other sites participating in the study.

You can watch Dr. Falk’s full presentation at ORBS by Design 2018 below.



Dilon was proud to have been included in this year’s ORBS by Design meeting and to share how MarginProbe can help surgeons with oncoplastic surgery during lumpectomies.

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MarginProbe® Assists Breast Surgeons when Performing Oncoplastic Surgery and Contributes to Identification of the Extent of Non-Imageable Cancers

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