MarginProbe Global Study Investigators Share Experiences during San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

By Mar 18, 2019 News

Global breast surgeon thought leaders from the United States, Germany, Israel, the UK and Japan came together during an international investigator reception at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, hosted by Dilon. These investigator attendees represented the evolution and strength of MarginProbe data over time. Beginning with Professor Itzhak Pappo, who led the first MarginProbe trial in which he substantiated the diagnostic capability of the device, to the first in-man randomized controlled trial conducted in Israel by Dr. Tanir Allweis which showed a 62% reduction in re-excision. The pivotal trial that was used to secure the US FDA approval was also represented at the reception by Dr. Feldman, who led his facility to an 88.5% reduction in re-excision with MarginProbe versus the SOC control arm.

Today Dilon boasts a strong body of research as the pioneer in intraoperative margin assessment with 10 peer-reviewed publications, 2 randomized controlled trials, and 35 abstracts published and presented on over 2400 patients. MarginProbe’s global reach was emphasized by attendees including Professor Thill from Germany, who published the first paper on device performance in DCIS.  Successful lumpectomy surgery using standard of care is uniquely challenging in cases of DCIS, and Dr. Thill’s data proved that MarginProbe provides re-excision reduction for these patients of 56%, consistent with published MarginProbe studies across all breast cancer subtypes. This important trial underscores the important role MarginProbe plays in these difficult cases for which no other intraoperative means of margin assessment nor standard of care methods can provide value.  Attendees also listened to UK Professor Nigel Bundred who is leading an NHS trial in 10 centers in the UK. This UK trial is replicating the clinical work in DCIS while adding an economic element to facilitate adoption by NICE for incorporation into standard margin guidelines.

Dilon CEO Lori Chmura took this opportunity to share updates with the surgeons in attendance on the development of the Smart Biopsy Device through the European Union Horizon 2020 research grant, as well as plans for future expansion of the radiofrequency spectroscopy platform. This expansion will help fulfill Dune’s mission of becoming a global leader in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Overall the meeting showed the tremendous progress Dune has made in the last 10 years in helping surgeons improve their standard of care, backed by solid evidence and over 18,000 completed uses.

The San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS) is designed to provide academic and private physicians and researchers with the latest information on breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, and therapy.

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