The Wall Street Journal: If Surgery Got Cancer in One Try

Healthcare Reporter Lucette Lagnado profiles MarginProbe® in The Wall Street Journal featuring Dr. Freya Schnabel, Dr. Alice Police, Dr. Vincent Reid, Dilon CEO Lori Chmura and more.

“Lora Mosca, learned she had breast cancer in November and decided on a lumpectomy to remove an early-stage tumor.

“Ms. Mosca, a 57-year-old retired probation officer, remembers how worried she was after surgery. ‘That is all you think about—did they get it all out?’ she says. She found herself wondering, ‘Should I have had them take the whole breast?’ Dr. Schnabel was reassuring; she had used MarginProbe, and the margins turned out clean.”

This is just a small excerpt from a story published this week in The Wall Street Journal featuring multiple physicians using MarginProbe to help ensure clear margins for breast cancer patients.

“Still, some breast surgeons worry that re-excision rates are too high. Dr. Schnabel estimates they are as much as 20% to 30% nationally.

“You need to be able to say to the patient, ‘One outpatient surgery and you are done,’ she says. A 26-year veteran of breast surgery, she hates telling patients she failed to achieve a clean margin. ‘I find it a very upsetting conversation,’ she says, noting that a patient could feel so discouraged she opts for a mastectomy—the removal of her breast altogether—out of fear or frustration.

“In a randomized trial involving 596 patients in 21 institutions in America and Israel, Dr. Schnabel found that the MarginProbe reduced the numbers of patients requiring second surgeries by 26%.”

We are grateful to our friends and colleagues, especially Jim Mandler, Senior Director for Media Relations at the NYU Langone Medical Center, Dr. Schnabel, Dr. Police, Dr. Reid, Amber Guth, Ms. Mosca and the balance of the team who helped make this phenomenal awareness opportunity possible.

Read the full feature here. (Please note: may be gated for non-WSJ subscribers).

Dilon develops, manufactures, and commercializes innovative products that improve the effectiveness and outcome of cancer surgery by providing real-time tissue characterization systems to guide surgical and diagnostic decisions. MarginProbe: an FDA-approved breakthrough in lumpectomy surgery that helps surgeons by providing real time information to determine whether additional tissue should be taken, or to complete the lumpectomy procedure, and close the incision.

“Dr. [Alice] Police says health-care economics have created a strange incentive favoring re-excisions, no matter the costs to the health system. She credits the device for lowering her re-excision rate to 3% from 15%. But she worries about hospitals balking: ‘You have to tell a hospital, [MarginProbe] is going to cost you $1,000 and we are going to take away your second operation [costing $9,000-$16,000 and up].’”

“We put unique clinically actionable information into the hands of surgeons while in the OR to help them make the best possible decisions for patient care,” says Lori Chmura, CEO of Dilon Devices. “Improving the standard of care around cancer surgery is what we strive for each and every day.”

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