Study of Dilon’s MarginProbe® Published in Major European Journal


Significant Reduction in Re-Excision Rate Documented by German Researchers

Framingham, MA, November 30, 2011- A clinical study to be published in the upcoming issue of the journal “The Breast”, describes the use of Dilon’s MarginProbe System as an adjunct to the standard of care in lumpectomy surgeries of women with early stage ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast. The research team, led by Marc Thill, M.D., Ph.D, Head of
Gynecological Cancer Center and Head of Breast Center, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, University Hospital of Schleswig-Holstein,Campus Lubeck, Germany studied the
use of the MarginProbe System as an adjunctive tool to the current surgical practice in lumpectomy surgery. Findings, published in The Breast, 20 (2011), 579-580, demonstrated an
86% success rate with the MarginProbe device in achieving cancer free surgical margins, and a reduction in re-excision procedures by 56%.

“We are very pleased that the results of this research team so closely mirror the results of earlier published studies of the MarginProbe System. The need for improved ability to achieve cancerfree margins is present in every lumpectomy surgery and we believe the weight of the evidence supporting widespread adoption of the MarginProbe System is further strengthened by these data”, said Dan Levangie, CEO of Dilon Devices.


About the MarginProbe System

The MarginProbe System enables real time detection of cancer at or near the surface of excised tissue specimens during surgery for breast cancer. The simple and immediate assessment of the surgical margins allows surgeons to immediately excise additional tissue, potentially saving a second procedure.

About Dilon Devices

Dilon Devices was founded in 2002 by Dr. Dan Hashimshony to realize the extraordinary medical potential of its proprietary tissue characterization technology. Offering surgeons and radiologists the real time ability to identify cancerous tissues and react immediately, this technology holds the promise for a broad range of surgical and diagnostic
applications. The MarginProbe System is Dune’s first commercial product and is commercially available in Europe. The MarginProbe device is an investigational device in the U.S.
Dilon Devices is a privately held company financed by Apax Partnerssince 2004. It has offices in the U.S., Israel, Germany and Switzerland. For more information, please visit
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Dilon Devices
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