Ductal Carcinoma in Situ Diagnosis

MarginProbe® Clean Margins Matter

Clinically stated, the objective is a clean, negative margin, with all six
surfaces of an excised tumor cancer-free. MarginProbe makes
possible lumpectomy margin assessment while in the operating room.

What if surgery got
cancer in the first try?

With MarginProbe, surgeons can assess the tissue in the operating room to give them confidence in their assessment of cancerous margins primary lumpectomy surgery.

With MarginProbe, surgeons can identify positive margins in real-time on the lumpectomy specimen providing them information to enable them to decide if they should take additional tissue during the first lumpectomy surgery.

The technology uses radio-frequency (RF) electrical fields to probe the tissue in order to identify any cancer that may be remaining on the surface of the tissue removed from the breast. If MarginProbe identifies cancer on the surface of the tissue the surgeon decides if they will remove additional tissue from the breast at the time of surgery.

Margins Matter

The question “Did we get all the cancer?” weighs on every surgeon and patient’s mind for days after surgery until they receive the final pathology report. The goal of every lumpectomy is to get clean or clear margins. This means to remove the cancerous tissue with a small rim of normal tissues surrounding it, called the margin. With MarginProbe, surgeons have greater confidence that they can get clean margins in the first lumpectomy procedure. Watch the videos to learn more about how surgeons get clean margins in the operating room.

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