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Good News For Women Undergoing Lumpectomy Surgery MarginProbe gives breast cancer patients peace-of-mind.

MarginProbe is an FDA-approved breakthrough in lumpectomy surgery that helps surgeons achieve optimum results during their procedures. A non-invasive medical device, MarginProbe examines excised tissue during lumpectomy surgery and can detect the presence or absence of cancer cells on the margins. This provides vital, real time information to surgeons when it matters most.

Clean margins are critical to avoid both medical complications and subsequent emotional impacts on patients following a lumpectomy. Selecting a surgeon who uses MarginProbe can increase your peace of mind as you prepare for your lumpectomy procedure. That’s why more and more patients are asking their surgeons about MarginProbe.

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Why Clean Margins Matter In Lumpectomy Surgery

During lumpectomy surgery when a tumor is removed, some tissue surrounding the tumor is also removed with it, this tissue is referred to as the margin. When the margins of excised tissue show no cancerous cells, the margins are described as clean or negative. This is important because it is the strongest evidence that the cancer has been removed from the breast. Clean margins in lumpectomies are critical in achieving low breast cancer recurrence.

MarginProbe helps breast surgeons by providing real-time confirmation that the margins of the excised tissue are clean and free from cancerous cells

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