Hemoblast Bellows

HEMOBLAST™ Bellows High-Performance Hemostasis

High-performance Hemostasis is simpler than ever, with the only hemostatic agent indicated for minimal, mild, and moderate bleeding.  HEMOBLAST™ Bellows is designed to simplify and effectively meet your bleeding challenges as a proven, ready-to-use product with a versatile application.

The Formula For Success Proven, versatile, ready to use, and contains human-derived Thrombin.

Hemoblast Bellows


No reconstitution, mixing, or thawing allows for easy application of the hemostatic agent.

Hemoblast Bellows

Economic Value

HEMOBLAST™ Bellows may optimize hospital staff time and may provide a possible solution to avoid waste.

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Clinical Data

HEMOBLAST™ Bellows has several published studies which include head-to-head data.

Hemoblast Bellows
Hemoblast Bellows
Hemoblast Bellows

For a Cohesive and Stable Clot A simple and effective combination.

Handles Oozing, Pooling, and Flowing Bleeding

HEMOBLAST™ Bellows is the only combination powdered surgical hemostat that contains thrombin, collagen, and chondroitin sulfate with demonstrated efficacy on minimal, mild, and moderate bleeding.


HEMOBLAST™ Bellows contains (human-derived) thrombin. Thrombin converts fibrinogen to fibrin, a basic element in a blood clot.

Cohesive and Stable Clot

The (porcine-derived) collagen in HEMOBLAST™ Bellows supports a controlled swell.1 Additionally, in the coagulation cascade, collagen is known to induce platelet aggregation and coagulation.14 


HEMOBLAST™ Bellows is the only hemostat that contains (bovine-derived) chondroitin sulfate,included for the purpose of providing cohesion between the wound and surrounding tissue.

Hemoblast Bellows

HEMOBLAST™ Compared to other Hemostats

HEMOBLAST™ Bellows is indicated in surgical procedures as an adjunct to hemostasis when control of minimal, mild, & moderate bleeding by conventional procedures is ineffective or impractical, except in neurosurgical, ophthalmic, and urological procedures.

HEMOBLAST™ Bellows Overview By William Spotnitz, MD

Dr. Spotnitz thoroughly summarizes the efficiency and value of HEMOBLAST™ Bellows.

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