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MarginProbe® Overview

What if your cancer was removed in just one surgery? With MarginProbe, surgeons can assess the tissue in the operating room to give them greater confidence that they successfully removed all the cancer in the first lumpectomy surgery.

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How Does MarginProbe® Help with DCIS?

How Does MarginProbe® Work?

What are clean margins?


Dr. Christina Casteel, MD
General Surgeon – Sharp Hospital, San Diego

Dr. Stephanie Akbari, MD
Breast Oncologist, Director of Applied Surgical Technology – Inova Health Systems

Dr. Alice Police, MD
Breast Cancer Surgical Oncologist – Northwell Health Breast Care Center

Navigator 2.0 Overview

Freedom with Navigator Drapeless Probe reduces cross-contamination with best in class sterilization stainless gamma probe.

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How can Navigator help infection control?


How do you sterilize the Navigator Probe?


CoPilot VL+ Overview

CoPilot VL+ is a portable, affordable, and easy to use, state of the art video laryngoscope system. Video laryngoscopy shouldn’t be a backup plan; it should be the standard of care for all intubation patients.

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