Economic Value

HEMOBLAST Bellows is designed to simply and effectively meet today’s surgical bleeding challenges1 and may act as a cost-effective option.

The Only Powder With Thrombin1-6

HEMOBLAST Bellows is the only powdered surgical hemostat containing thrombin, collagen and chondroitin sulfate with demonstrated  efficacy on minimal, mild, and moderate bleeding.1

Handles oozing, pooling, and flowing bleeding.1

Hemoblast Bellows

Ready When You Need It.

Because it does not require advance preparation, HEMOBLAST Bellows optimizes hospital staff time and may provide a possible solution to avoid waste from unused product.1

Stay ready for unexpected bleeding.

More Coverage, More Savings1

With up to 50 cm2 coverage per unit, HEMOBLAST Bellows provides more coverage for less cost than fibrin sealant patches.1,12,13,17


HEMOBLAST™ Bellows (50 cm2)


TACHOSIL® (45.6 cm2)


EVARREST® (51.61 cm2)


More Versatility For More Applications1,15

Compared to flowable hemostats, only HEMOBLAST Bellows  is indicated for minimal, mild, and moderate bleeding, easily allows coverage of focal and large area bleeding, and does not require reconstitution.1,15

Less Cost & Hassle1,7,8

Unlike fibrin sealants, HEMOBLAST Bellows is proven effective on moderate bleeds, including pooling and flowing bleeding, while eliminating the extra cost, hassle, and risk of air gas embolism of a spray set and external gas set-up.1,7,8

  • Handles Minimal, Mild and Moderate Bleeding on Both Focal and Large Surface Area Bleeding15
  • No Reconstitution Required¹
  • Covers Pooling and Flowing Bleeding¹
  • No Spray Sets or Known Risk of Air Gas Embolism

Stay ready for unexpected bleeding with an effective, versatile, and cost-conscious hemostasis device.

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