Copilot VL

Why CoPilot VL+? Easy to Use. Affordable. Portable.

A video laryngoscope maximizes your likelihood of first-pass success. Each subsequent intubation attempt increases the risk of patient trauma. Don’t let that happen by making a suboptimal attempt.

Easy To Use Additional views with ease of use.

The patented CoPilot VL+® bougie port gives you an additional means of endotracheal tube delivery. The C-shaped channel makes intubation easy by guiding the bougie toward the vocal cords. Along with a great view of the cords, you can choose your way of intubation, style, or bougie.

Copilot VL Video Laryngoscope system
Video Laryngoscope

Affordable Don't wait in line for access to a video laryngoscope.

The CoPilot VL+ is priced so facilities can afford to have one everywhere it’s needed; OR, OB, ICU, ED, Cath lab. In an editorial piece in the British Journal of Anaesthesia, the cost is presented as the primary reason video laryngoscopes are not used for ALL tracheal intubations. CoPilot VL+ is an affordable option for hospitals, ORs, and emergency rooms. The cost of a CoPilot VL+® disposable is equivalent to the cost of reprocessing a standard blade.

Portable The CoPilot VL+® was designed to be used anywhere you need it.

Mounts to any IV pole and is small enough to quickly go with you where you need it; ER, ICU, Cath lab. That means easy storage on the IV pole, in an emergency airway bag, or even in the back pocket of your scrubs. No need for a bulky cart that has to be pushed around from room to room.

Video Laryngoscope

Bougie Port Turn the corner the first time, every time.

Have you ever encountered intubation with a great view of the vocal cords, but you just can’t get the tube to go around the corner? CoPilot VL+® and its patented Bougie Port can increase first attempt success rates for tracheal intubation, thereby improving patient safety and satisfaction and minimizing provider risk.

Video laryngoscopy shouldn’t be a backup plan; it should be the standard of care for all intubation patients. Get it right the first time, every time.

Turn the corner with CoPilot VL+®.

The Benefits of Video Laryngoscopy (VL) Lower risk, faster procedures and improved team view.

Less Force

Using less force can lower the risk of trauma for patients.


VL is faster than fiberoptic intubation. Improving patient safety and satisfaction.

Anticipated & Unanticipated

The entire team can see the screen, enabling each team member to anticipate and respond immediately.

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