Dilon Devices Announces FDA Approval of Updated Version of MarginProbe® with Feature Enhancements, Further Improving User-Friendly Experience for Surgeons


Medical Device update offers brighter screen, reduced size and emphasized alerts to improve ease-of-use for surgeons

Paoli, PA, Jan. 5, 2015 – Today, Dilon Devices announced FDA approval of an updated version of its flagship product, MarginProbe, a medical device that enables real-time detection of cancer at the surface of excised tissue specimens during breast-conserving cancer surgery.

Surgeon feedback, innovative design ideas, and superior miniaturization engineering were the driving forces behind the development of MarginProbe 1.2. This new version, which utilizes the same trusted, FDA-approved, diagnostic technology as version 1.1, is focused on proving superior functionality, portability, and overall ease of use.

“Our goal in offering this update is to provide surgeons with the most effective, easy-to-use product when they walk into a lumpectomy case,” said Dan Hashimshony, CEO of Dilon Devices. “Once the MarginProbe demonstrated national success across all territories, we began enhancing the usability for surgeons while offering simpler handling. Despite the fact that we offer the only product dedicated to the pressing need for intraoperative margin assessment in breast cancer surgery, we always knew it’s critical we constantly listen to our loyal and growing customer base and do our best to offer them further innovation.”

Feature enhancements for MarginProbe 1.2 include:

Reduced Size & Weight: A major highlight of MarginProbe 1.2 is the reduced size. The new unit is in tabletop form (29 x 43 x 38 cm in size) and weighs 35 lbs. making it 75% lighter and much easier to handle in today’s busy operating rooms.

Brighter Screen: The screen’s brightness has been enhanced to provide surgeons a clearer screen image.

Wider Viewing angle: With MarginProbe 1.2, surgeons will have the ability to clearly view the screen from anywhere in the operating room without encountering a glare, pixelation, or a blind spot.

Improved on-screen notices: Ensuring key alerts are easier to notice in the OR

Startup Time Reduced 50%: The startup time for MarginProbe 1.2 is reduced from approximately three minutes to 90 seconds, making MarginProbe’s services even more instantaneous.

Improved service time: Due to its new reduced size, technicians are able to provide faster service, reducing down time in case service is needed.

Additional information about MarginProbe 1.2 can be found at www.marginprobe.com. MarginProbe 1.1 is, and will remain, fully supported by Dilon Devices.

About Dilon Devices

Dilon Devices was founded in 2002 by Dr. Dan Hashimshony to realize the extraordinary medical potential of its proprietary tissue characterization technology. Offering surgeons and radiologists the real time ability to identify cancerous tissues and react immediately, this technology holds the promise for a broad range of surgical and diagnostic applications.

Dilon Devices is a privately held company with offices in the U.S. and Israel. For more information, please visit www.dilon.com.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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