New Study Confirms MarginProbe® Demonstrates a 51% Reduction in Re-Excision Procedures


Ductal invasive cancer patients saw 89.8 percent reduction in re-excisions in a 322 patient prospective study

Paoli, PA, Feb. 29, 2016 – New research lead by Professor Jens-Uwe Blohmer, director of the department of gynecology and the breast center of the Charité, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, demonstrates that proper use of MarginProbe, the first and only FDA-approved device used to enable real-time detection of cancer at the surface of excised tissue specimens, results in a significant decrease in second surgeries. Traditionally, one in four women who undergo a lumpectomy procedure require a re-excision to remove cancer missed during the first procedure.

Published in Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics, the study found that the number of women who required a re-excision following a lumpectomy was reduced by 51 percent when MarginProbe was used during the initial procedure. For patients with ductal invasive cancer, there was an 89.8 reduction in re-excisions. Dramatic re-excision reduction was also shown for DCIS patients and those in the lobular invasive carcinoma group.

The study, which was conducted by surgeons J.U. Blohmer, J. Tanko, J. Kueper, J. Gross, A. Machleidt and R. Volker, reports an analysis of MarginProbe’s effectiveness by comparing two groups treated at the same hospital by the same surgeons before and after they began using MarginProbe.

“Research that has been conducted utilizing MarginProbe as its focal point, continues to show consistency among findings,” said Dan Hashimshony PhD, CEO and founder of Dilon Devices. “Again we’re seeing a re-excision reduction of greater than 50 percent. We are excited that the body of data continues to expand and provide credible findings that may help improve outcomes for patients undergoing breast conserving surgery.”

“The question ‘did I get it all’ weighs on every surgeon’s mind when performing breast conserving surgery,” says Prof. Blohmer. “We walk a fine line of trying to remove all the cancer while preserving as much tissue as possible in the breast. MarginProbe helps to confidently know that we removed all the cancer without removing a lot of extra tissue.”

The study also examined surgeon compliance to MarginProbe readings and the effect on surgical outcomes. Analysis shows that surgeons who took additional shavings based on MarginProbe’s readings achieved the best outcomes.

“Countless hours of research have shown us how surgeons can best utilize MarginProbe in their practice,” continued Hashimshony. “The more surgeons are compliant and take the tissue that MarginProbe denotes as positive the better the patient outcome. The goal of every lumpectomy is the complete removal of cancer without the need for a second surgery and it’s exciting to see MarginProbe continue to help surgeons achieve that goal.”

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