Dilon Announces Three New MBI Centers

Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) is saving lives. Using MBI as an adjunct to mammography results in an almost fourfold increase in invasive cancer detection in women with dense breast tissue. MBI has a higher specificity than MRI and has proven to reduce benign biopsies by 50%. With a negative predictive value of 98% MBI is the beacon in dense breast tissue. Recently, multiple medical centers across the United States have announced the availability of the MBI procedure in their medical practice. Dilon Technologies, a world leader in molecular imaging and inventor of the breast dedicated molecular imaging technology, is proud to announce that the following medical centers will be offering the MBI procedure:

Sentara Rockingham Memorial Hospital (RMH), in Harrisonburg, VA, will obtain the first Discovery NM750b dual head MBI system with Biopsy accessory on the east coast of the United States. Sentara RMH’s robust MBI program commenced in 2007 utilizing the Dilon single head molecular imaging system. “We are excited to now have the ability to biopsy those lesions only seen on MBI, and to expand our MBI program into surgical planning and treatment monitoring,” said Dr. Emily Ritchie, Radiologist at Sentara RMH Medical Center.

Russell County Hospital announced it has purchased and installed Kentucky’s first Discovery NM750b MBI system. “The Molecular Breast Imaging system will better assist our community in early detection of breast cancer,” said Russell County’s Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Bill Kindred. “This technology is an important milestone in Russell County’s longstanding dedication to the fight against breast cancer.”

Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, PA, recently announced the addition of the Discovery NM750b MBI system as a complementary diagnostic tool to detect breast cancer after a questionable mammogram. MBI is now available to help physicians in the Philadelphia area detect early stage cancers even in dense breast tissue. “We find MBI with the Discovery NM750b system to be a proven and effective tool in the early detection of breast cancer when mammography is inconclusive,” said Kathryn Evers, MD, FACR, director of mammography at Fox Chase.

The Discovery NM750b is exclusively distributed in North America by Dilon Technologies Inc. The recently FDA‑approved MBI biopsy accessory provides an additional tool to accurately localize the region of interest.

“Dilon can provide the hospital and clinical data references upon request,” according to Pjerin Luli, Dilon’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

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