Networking and Learning from Leading Medtech Marketers During DMMD 2017

The Digital Marketing for Medical Devices conference attracts the top medical device marketers from both small and large companies. This year’s edition, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota August 1-3 did not disappoint. Here are a few of our takeaways courtesy of Dilon Devices Marketing Director, Whitney Hausmann.

Video content changing the way companies engage key audiences

This event drives value for anyone in a middle to senior position in medical device marketing- delivering tips and tricks in enhancing your digital marketing strategy so that your company isn’t merely checking the boxes, but, rather, moving the meter. Whitney was invited to speak Her talk titled “Utilizing Video to Create More Engaging Content” outlined how video content is a valuable supplement to any medical device digital marketing strategy and how to leverage that content. She covered multiple topics including how to select the best production partner, overcome regulatory hurdles in post production, and creative ways to utilize video content to get the most out of a small budget.   

Social media leveling the marketing playing field

Peter Dannenfelser, Global Lead of Social and Digital Communications for Johnson & Johnson Medical Device Companies, gave a fantastic talk that spoke to a subset of marketing where small and large companies are on a level playing field: social media. Small medical device companies are often unable to execute campaigns that a larger company would because capital is limited. The beauty of social media as part of a digital marketing strategy is that small companies have the opportunity to cultivate the same social presence as their larger counterparts without spending marketing dollars. In the social realm, funding does not hold a medical device marketer back.

We are already eager to attend the 8th Digital Marketing for Medical Devices conference in 2018. Until then, for more information about Dilon Devices and MarginProbe, contact [email protected].


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