WWMT Doc Talk: A New Tool and New Technique for Battling Breast Cancer

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Dr. Daniel Barnas, a surgeon at Borgess Medical Center, talks about new techniques for breast cancer surgery. (WWMT/Courtesy of Borgess Health)

“The national average for re-excision surgery after a lumpectomy is 22 percent, Dr. Daniel Barnas said. When this tool is used, he said, that percentage drops well below the national average.”

Recently, Dr. Daniel Barnas, MD, Breast Surgeon at Borgess Medical Center and advocate of the MarginProbe was interviewed by WWMT during a segment called “Doc Talk.” During the interview Dr. Barnas talked about two techniques offered by Borgess Health that aim to provide better treatment and results for patients battling breast cancer: Hidden Scar and the MarginProbe.

From the article: “When the patient undergoes a lumpectomy, Barnas checks the tumor with a tool known as MarginProbe. Once the tumor and some additional tissue, known as the margin, is removed, Barnas said, the MarginProbe is then used to double check the tissue to ensure the margin is clear of any cancer.

If the MarginProbe detects something abnormal, Barnas said, doctors are able to go back in and remove it right away.”

“Dr. Daniel Barnas has performed 150 to 200 hidden scar surgeries in the past three years at Borgess. ‘If we can hide that scar, it gives them a little more emotional well-being, where they don’t have to be reminded of it every day,’ Barnas said.

The technique allows Barnas to remove the tumor through an incision in the armpit or under the breast. Because of the location, the scar is less visible.”

You can read the article and watch the segment, in full, here.

If you would like to learn more about MarginProbe’s capability to reduce positive margins for breast cancer patients or what the future of our technology holds for biopsy in breast cancer and other indications, contact [email protected].


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