Dilon Technologies® Inc. acquires the DuneMedical’s MarginProbeTM

NEWPORT NEWS, Va., April 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – Dilon Technologies® Inc., a world class global leader in breast cancer treatment and diagnosis and owner of the Navigator Gamma Probes has acquired substantially all the assets of Dune Medical, including Marginprobe’s “MarginProbe”.

“With the acquisition of the MarginProbe, Dilon will now offer the only FDA approved device for identifying positive margins during breast conservation surgery. MarginProbe’s patented RF technology differentiates cancerous versus healthy tissue in real-time. This allows surgeons to immediately remove additional tissue, helping to reduce avoidable surgeries” said Dilon’s Chairman, Bob Moussa, who continued, “The synergy between Dilon’s Navigator® Gamma Probes and the MarginProbe® will help patients and physicians answer the question, “did we get it all?” when that answer is most needed. In addition to the advantages to the patients, the reduction in re-excision rate will provide major savings to health care systems.”

As a global provider of breast cancer solutions, Dilon’s Navigator® Gamma Probes are used for radio-guided lymphatic mapping and tumor localization world-wide. “The combination of Dilon’s class leading Navigator® Gamma Probes with the MarginProbe® is a natural fit. Dilon’s already strong sales network is synergistic and well suited to expand the MarginProbe’s potential as the products are literally used side by side by the same physician; now they will be sold that way as well. The market in the United States alone exceeds $150m annually, and as a US based company, Dilon has a home field advantage in the MarginProbe’s biggest market. Luminaries and thought leaders have already adopted MarginProbe as their standard of care in the US. Our goal is to make MarginProbe the standard of care worldwide.”

About Dilon Technologies® Inc.

Dilon Technologies® Inc., a medical device manufacturer based in Newport News, Virginia, strives to improve the quality of life by providing a wide range of innovative medical solutions that benefit patients around the world. Dilon has a strong medical device portfolio; the Navigator System, a trusted brand and world-renowned surgical gamma probe for radio-guided lymphatic mapping and tumor localization, the MarginProbe, a ground breaking technology for accurate margin assessment in breast cancer surgery, and the CoPilot, an innovative, portable, and easy to use video laryngoscope.

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