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Dilon Technologies Announces the Publication of Data Demonstrating Cost-Savings Results from the Use of MarginProbeTM Compared to a Full Cavity Shave (FCS) Approach

NEWPORT NEWS, VA, Sep 22, 2023 (PRNewswire) –Dilon Technologies Inc. announced today the publication of Cost Minimization in Breast Conserving Surgery: A Comparative Study of Radiofrequency Spectroscopy and Full Cavity Shave Margins for Patients Undergoing Breast Conserving Surgery, in the Journal of Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation.

The results published in the Journal of Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation demonstrated that utilizing MarginProbe to reduce re-excisions for positive margins can be associated with better cost-savings than full cavity shave (FCS) due to the increased pathology processing costs by using an FCS approach. “Our study serves as a versatile roadmap that can impact everyone involved in breast cancer care. From surgeons in the operating room to hospital executives, we demonstrate actionable strategies for optimizing breast cancer surgical procedures without compromising the quality of patient care” said Mehran Habibi, MD, Regional Chief of Breast Surgery at Northwell Health NY and an author on the paper.

The reduction in re-excision rates provided by both FCS and MarginProbe offset their increased expense to various degrees with cost savings of each method improving as baseline re-excisions rates increase, until ultimately each may become cost-neutral or cost prohibitive when compared to breast conserving surgery (BCS) alone. “Breast surgeons strive to prevent women from being brought back to the operating room for a second operation after their primary lumpectomy,” stated George Makhoul, CEO of Dilon Technologies. “We now have tangible evidence for surgeons to bring to their administration teams that enable them to provide enhanced clinical outcomes while reducing the cost of care by using MarginProbe compared to performing a full cavity shave (FCS).”

In over 12 peer-reviewed journal publications, MarginProbe has demonstrated a relative reduction in re-excision rates ranging between 23% – 88%. “Our research is more than numbers—it’s about improving patient outcomes through informed, cost-effective surgical decisions. The focus of our research extends beyond academic interest to practical applications in breast cancer care, it aims to provide clinicians with data that can provide alternative surgical decisions.”

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Dilon Technologies Inc., a medical device manufacturer based in Newport News, Virginia, strives to improve the quality of care by providing a wide range of innovative medical device technology that benefits patients around the world. Dilon has a strong medical device portfolio which includes HEMOBLAST Bellows, the only combination powdered surgical hemostat that contains collagen, thrombin and chondroitin sulfate, MarginProbe, a groundbreaking technology for accurate margin assessment in breast cancer surgery, the Navigator System, a surgical gamma probe system for radio-guided lymphatic mapping and tumor localization, TrueView Pro 100, a specimen radiography system (SRS) that uses advanced radiography and automated software to precisely identify tumor lesions in resected or biopsied breast tissue, and the CoPilot, an innovative, portable, and easy to use video laryngoscope.


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