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Which Patients Are Suited for MarginProbe®?

Dr. Stephanie Akbari, MD, discusses the types of situations and patients that are best suited for MarginProbe.

How Should You Talk to Your Doctor About MarginProbe®?

Dr. Stephanie Akbari, MD, provides advice to patients on how they can talk to their doctor about MarginProbe.

What are the Common Misconceptions About Mastectomy vs Lumpectomy?

Dr. Vincent Reid, MD, FACS, explores some of the most common misconceptions by patients about mastectomy vs. lumpectomy.

MarginProbe® And IORT

Dr. Alice Police, MD, expresses her confidence in MarginProbe – especially for use in IORT.


Dr. Charles Elboim, MD explains Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) breast cancer.

MarginProbe® and Oncoplasty or Reconstruction

How does MarginProbe help surgeons with oncoplastic surgery or reconstruction during lumpectomy?

Full Cavity Shaving

What is full cavity shaving during lumpectomy? Dr. Charles Elboim, MD, explains.

Does MarginProbe® Add Time to The Operation?

Surgeons may wonder if using MarginProbe adds time in the operating room during a lumpectomy.

How Confident Are You In MarginProbe®?

Dr. Charles Elboim, MD, expresses his confidence in MarginProbe.

How Does MarginProbe® Help Surgeons?

Dr. Charles Elboim, MD, discusses how MarginProbe helps surgeons ensure clean margins while in the operating room.

How Has MarginProbe® Helped Your Practice?

Dr. Charles Elboim, MD, explains how MarginProbe has helped his practice.

How Does MarginProbe® Work?

Dr. Stephanie Akbari, MD, explains how MarginProbe works.

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