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Dilon Technologies Announces the Publication of Data Demonstrating Cost-Savings Results from the Use of MarginProbeTM Compared to a Full Cavity Shave (FCS) Approach

NEWPORT NEWS, VA, Sep 22, 2023 (PRNewswire) –Dilon Technologies Inc. announced today the publication of Cost Minimization…

IMPACT Lourdes awards grant for MarginProbe

IMPACT Lourdes members voted to award $30,000 to purchase the MarginProbe system, equipment that assists in detecting cancerous breast tissue.

CoPilot VL+ Video Laryngoscopy System COVID-19 RESPONSE

Dilon Technologies’ CoPilot VL+ video laryngoscopy system provides an excellent tool for intubating patients, especially those with suspected Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Dilon Technologies® Inc. acquires the DuneMedical’s MarginProbe®

As a global provider of breast cancer solutions, Dilon’s Navigator® Gamma Probes are used for radio-guided lymphatic mapping and tumor localization world-wide

Director of Breast Surgery at NAPBC Accredited Facility Realizes Clinical Value of MarginProbe® in Very First Case

“I’ve only been utilizing MarginProbe for a few weeks, and it identified a positive margin that would have been missed, in my first surgery,” stated Dr. Naik. “This enabled me to shave some additional tissue right in the OR, preventing this patient from a  second surgery and the anxiety that goes along with that. “It was an awesome feeling. You really cannot ask for more from the very first case.”

Surgeon Explains How MarginProbe® Protects Cosmetic Outcomes While Preventing Re-excision in Breast Conserving Surgery

“I always knew I wanted to be a surgeon because of the satisfaction that comes with helping others, and the immediate gratification of seeing the problem go away,” Dr. Kerry-Ann McDonald explained. “I specifically chose breast cancer surgery because it’s a field where there’s strong continuity of care.”

Surgeon Explains the Importance of Preserving the Breast During Cancer Treatment through Education, the Latest Technology—and an Artistic Touch

Dr. Elizabeth Revesz has a unique background as an artist and sculptor. She was able to translate her precision, and her ability to see things in three dimensions, into a highly successful career in medicine.

Breast Surgeon Known for Devotion to Patients Describes Her Strategy to Improve Their Lives

Dr. Rabia Z. Bhatti with the AMITA Resurrection Medical Center has always had a strong interest in the art of surgery. “I actually love the way that patients recover,” she explained. “There’s a gratification behind treating patients and watching them get better. And after practicing general surgery for 15 years, I realized I could provide even better care to my patients by focusing, and staying ahead, on one specialty. That’s when I made the switch to breast surgery.”

Breast Surgeon Makes Bold Prediction: Someday We Will No Longer Need Surgery to Fight Cancer

“From now on, I’m going to use MarginProbe on all of my lumpectomy cases,” the Coordinated Health surgeon shared. “Somehow we have been losing control of how to use new technology to better the lives of patients and their care. That has been our battle and I think it is becoming more pronounced.”

Dr. Howard’s Ongoing Quest for the Best Possible Breast Cancer Care

With 30 years in practice, Dr. Daniel Howard, a General Surgeon at Mercy Health — Lourdes Hospital, can still define exactly what attracted him to surgery. Dr. Howard’s practice at Mercy Health is the only facility in the state of Kentucky to take advantage of MarginProbe, and it’s leading the state, and the nation, in many other areas of breast cancer treatment.

Breast Cancer Survivor Shares Personal Story to Raise Awareness on the Importance of Patient Advocacy

Every breast cancer survivor has a unique story to tell, and Alexa G is no exception. Her experience highlights the importance of patients becoming their own strongest advocate.

Prestigious Cancer Centers Johns Hopkins and Moffitt Complete Patient Enrollment in Post Approval Study for MarginProbe®, Transforming the Standard of Care for Breast Cancer Patients

Dilon Devices has reached another milestone in their MarginProbe® Post Approval Study (PAS) as Johns Hopkins Hospital and Moffitt Cancer Center complete their patient enrollments for the trial.

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