2018 Highlights in Developments in Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

With the year coming to an end we put together an overview of the many developments in breast cancer research and treatment from 2018.

Breast Surgeon Dr. Dudak Reflects on Tremendous Changes in Breast Cancer Treatment in the Past 20 Years

“I think for breast cancer, every few months there’s something new and exciting,” the physician shared. “I think there’s always some new technology, new drugs, or new study that comes out that changes our outlook.”

Breast Surgeon Breaks Barriers with Putting the Patient First

“I realized breast surgery put me in the operating room, which I love to do, but it also allowed me to take care of my patients hands-on and I could follow my patients practically forever,” explained Dr. Karen Karsif.

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Nancy M. Cappello

The team at Dilon is heartbroken over the passing of Nancy M. Cappello, Ph.D. and would like to extend sincere condolences to her family, especially her husband Joseph Cappello, friends, colleagues, and supporters.

Empowering women affected by breast and ovarian cancer at SHARE: A Second Helping of Life fundraising event

In alignment with their mission to ensure that every woman with a diagnosis of breast cancer has an opportunity to receive the most comprehensive care possible, Dilon recently sponsored SHARE at their annual tasting benefit night, A Second Helping of Life.

Breast Surgeon Explains the Impact of Breast Density on Cancer Detection and the Importance of Genetics

There has been much recent discussion around breast cancer in areas of breast density in relation to detection, and the latest observations in the field of genetics. A veteran breast surgeon, Dr. Erica Giblin, took some time to share her thoughts on the impact of both.

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