The Latest in Medical Device Innovation, Marketing, & More: Connect with Dune During #SEMDA2017

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The Southeastern Medical Device Association (SEMDA) annual conference is the region’s premier medical device forum- fostering business and educational opportunities for investors, medical device companies, medical entrepreneurs, and related industry professionals in the Southeast. This two day event provides access to the whole of the Southeast’s medtech resources which is why this conference is of keen interest to Dilon Devices. We are excited to not only attend the 2017 edition, but also be represented on the conference program by our CEO, Lori Chmura.

Here are a few reasons why we are looking forward to #SEMDA2017 in Atlanta, April 26-27.

Moving the meter for medical device companies using value-based marketing strategies

During the 2016 edition of SEMDA’s flagship conference, Lori Chmura met Paul Snyder, VP of Healthcare for Write2Market after Paul led panel discussion entitled “How Online Presence and Content Marketing Affects Your E-Valuation.” Less than two months later, we partnered with Write2Market to support our content marketing and PR efforts. Among many positive results, our coverage in The Wall Street Journal: “If Surgery Got Cancer In One Try.”

This year, Dune and Write2Market’s relationship will come full circle on the SEMDA stage with Lori providing a C-suite perspective during the healthcare marketing panel. The discussion titled  “Beyond the press release: Integrated marketing strategies for medtech and med device” will take place Wednesday April 26th from 2:45 pm-3:45 pm during concurrent session #3.

Lori will sit alongside Michael Krachon, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Isoray and Deepal Panchal, Program Director, GCMI and T3 Labs. Together they will discuss the why, who and how of building strategic, integrated, value-based marketing programs that drive measurable results even with limited internal teams and compliance constraints.

Women in medtech making a difference

We are particularly excited to reconnect with friends of Dilon during the 2 day conference, especially the network of women leading the medical device industry in the Southeast through engaging Medtech Women@SEMDA. Women account for 73% of healthcare company managers but only 4% of CEOs. And although at Dune, we know and experience daily the value in having women in senior management and executive roles, there are still advancements to be made.That is exactly what Medtech Women@SEMDA aims to accomplish.

Our CEO, Lori Chmura, has been excitingly involved with this organization rallying female medtech industry leaders- knowing that to change the dynamics in the industry, we need all to be part of the effort. The SEMDA 2017 conference sets the stage for the Medtech Women events that will happen throughout the year.

Connect with Dilon Devices during SEMDA 2017

SEMDA provides the perfect opportunity to learn the latest in medtech innovation and medical device investment trends from their source. We are eager to  inform the medtech ecosystem what Dune medical devices has been up to as we continue to advance our technology, RF Spectroscopy, and help reduce re-excision rates in lumpectomy with MarginProbe. Are you attending SEMDA 2017? You can hear Lori’s insights during the session described above. For more information about Dilon Devices and MarginProbe, contact

Challenges, Controversies, and Advancements in Breast Surgery: Insights from ASBrS 2017

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The American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBrS) Annual meeting is the premier event of the year for surgeons who treat breast disease: hosting thousands of surgeons, medical device companies, thought leaders, and academics seeking the latest advancements and learnings in breast surgery. Leaders gathered together in Las Vegas from April 26 to 30. This year the annual meeting boasted attendance of over 1700 – the highest attended edition yet.

In addition to catching up with existing and prospective MarginProbe advocates, here are a few of Dilon’s highlights and insights from ASBrS 2017.

New data displaying effectiveness of MarginProbe

During ASBrS MarginProbe was the subject of two separate poster presentations observing the impact of utilizing a real-time, intraoperative radiofrequency probe for margin assessment in breast conserving surgery. The data from both St. John Providence in Michigan and Mier Hospital in Israel showed that the MarginProbe shows great potential in improving re-excision rates benefiting the patient, surgeon and the health system as a whole.

Talking clean margins with Dr. Dennis Holmes, MD

Following our sponsored breakfast Negative margins in TARGiT IORT: Methods and techniques for achieving the most favorable result with Dr. Dennis Holmes, M.D., Stephanie Valente, D.O., Calvin Ridgeway, M.D., Patricia Malinger, M.D., Dr. Holmes was able to talk with the Co-Founder of Breast Cancer Answers, Todd Hartley, live on Facebook.

Their conversation covered multiple subjects: what patients need to know about lumpectomy, when diagnosed with breast cancer what is the path to treatment, and how surgeons ensure clear margins during surgery. Dr. Holmes is a MarginProbe advocate, and used this opportunity to talk about his experience utilizing RF spectroscopy to make sure he gets all the cancer during the first surgery.

“Some surgeons achieve clear margins by taking more tissue and extending the margins but that can cause trouble with cosmesis. Fortunately, we have new devices such as the MarginProbe device that allows us to see the surgical margins at the time of the operation which is important for two reasons: 1. We can be confident about the tissue we are taking out during surgery. And 2. we can take out less tissue, be sure it is clear, and reduce the odds that re-excision will take place.”

The Dilon Devices team is already counting down the days to ASBrS 2018! Until the society convenes next year, for more information about Dilon Devices and MarginProbe, contact